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AT&T® Internet

AT&T® is one of the leading and widely recognized internet service providers in the United States. It does not matter whether you are in search of a new internet provider or you just wish to replace your current internet provider, AT&T® has got you covered. AT&T® offers a wide variety of excellent internet plans to customers, which in turn allows them to acquire a better deal. Another interesting thing to note is that customers who are opting for the internet service of AT&T® also enjoy the luxury of choosing Fiber, Fixed Wireless, or even DSL internet connection.

The telecom giant, AT&T® currently offers their high-speed internet service to approximately 22 states in the country. Customers in Illinois, Texas, and California are reported to be the ones who have the greatest AT&T® internet coverage. Moreover, the DSL internet service from the provider is available to about 119.9 million customers, which makes AT&T® the largest DSL broadband internet provider in the country by coverage area. Customers who are living in the bluely shaded parts of the country will be able to subscribe to the DSL internet service of AT&T® but the speeds may vary according to location.

As mentioned earlier, apart from DSL broadband internet service, the telecom company is also offering high-speed and reliable fixed wireless service to U.S customers. It is estimated that the fiber service of AT&T® is currently available to 11.3 million customers while the fixed wireless service of the provider is limited to just 400 people. Take a look at the map, the availability of AT&T’s Fiber internet service is limited to the bluely shaded regions. Yet, AT&T® is the third largest fiber internet service provider in the country.

Customers who are new to the world of internet providers and different types of internet connections often ask what the difference between AT&T® DSL internet service and AT&T® fiber internet service is. The only difference is that AT&T® internet incorporates the use of fiber optic technology, which is capable of carrying a bit more data when compared to the traditional metal wire. In addition, fiberglass is used by the telecom company for the transfer of data and they do it by making use of the waves of light. So, when it comes to speed, both AT&T® DSL and AT&T® Internet are high-speed internet services but the latter is a bit more faster because of its plans. In the interior of your home, the internet service of AT&T® is controlled through an AT&T® Wi-Fi Gateway, a single unit that brings all the services of AT&T® together such as AT&T® Phone, AT&T® Internet, and AT&T® U-Verse TV.

Regions with Highest AT&T® Internet Coverage

AT&T® DSL Coverage in the United States

AT&T® Fiber Coverage in the U.S

AT&T® Internet Bundles

The internet bundles of AT&T® is designed to meet the need and requirements of a wide variety of customers including the ones with no special needs to the ones who are looking for an ultra high-speed internet service. Let us take a quick look at the three most popular internet plans of AT&T®.

Internet 50

  • Incredible download speed of 50 Mbps
  • Available to customers at an introductory price of $40 a month for the first 12 months
  • Regular price is just $70 per month
  • 1 TB Data every month
  • Unlimited Data Allowance for customers who bundle the plan with AT&T® U-Verse TV or for $30 per each month
  • Equipment cost, $50 Reward Card, and Wi-Fi are included
  • McAfee® Internet Security
  • Professional installation

Internet 100

  • Maximum download speed of 100 Mbps
  • 1 TB data a month
  • Introductory price of $60 per month for 1 year
  • Regular price is $80 per each month
  • $50 Reward Card, Equipment cost, and Wi-Fi are included with the plan
  • Free professional installation
  • McAfee® Internet Security at zero additional charges
  • Unlimited data allowance for $30 a month or when bundled with TV service

Internet 1000

  • Maximum internet download speed of 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps)
  • Unlimited data
  • Introductory price is just $80 per month
  • Regular pricing per each month will vary on the basis of location
  • Wi-Fi, $50 Reward Card, and Equipment cost are included with AT&T® Internet 1000 plan
  • Unlimited data allowance
  • McAfee® Internet Security to customers for free
  • Professional installation at zero additional charges

What’s Included with AT&T® Internet

Below are a few things that are available with all internet plans of AT&T®. This means that customers who opt for the internet service of AT&T® will be able to enjoy all these luxuries without paying any extra penny.

  • AT&T® Wireless Gateway
  • AT&T® Mail
  • Free Access to nationwide AT&T® Wi-Fi network
  • Access to Yahoo! Services
  • Unlimited nationwide dial-up Internet access


It is significant to note that free Basic Wi-Fi is included with all the internet plans of AT&T®. Additionally, customers should also realize that service and geographic restrictions are applicable to the internet service of AT&T®. So in a nutshell, AT&T® internet service is the ideal choice for customers who are in search of a reliable and high-speed internet provider who offers customer friendly service to their subscribers.


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