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22 Jan

AT&T® Expands Fixed Wireless Internet Service in Select Locations of Kentucky

Fixed Wireless Internet Service

Fixed Wireless Internet Service

AT&T® upgrades their Fixed Wireless Internet in rural and underserved areas of Kentucky. AT&T® Fixed Wireless Internet was debuted in Kentucky earlier last year. The recent build out is done by the Telco giant as part of their FCC Connect American Fund commitment. AT&T® Fixed Wireless Internet comes from a cellular tower to fixed antennae placed on the subscribers’ homes or business premises. The wireless internet service without satellite from AT&T® is now accessible in select locations of up to 51 counties of Kentucky State, including Anderson, Cladwell, Henry, Owen, and Washington County.

“Access to reliable broadband internet service is critical in today’s increasingly digital economy, so I’m pleased to see this sort of investment from the private sector,” said House Speaker Pro Tempore David Osborne. “By expanding ultra-fast fiber connections in Louisville and Central Kentucky and closing the access gap in our rural communities, we are able to compete for the best jobs and grow economic opportunity for all Kentuckians,” said AT&T® in a recent press release.

Wireless Internet Service

Upgraded Fiber Network

“I am thankful for the leadership of our elected officials who work to ensure a pro-consumer business environment and am delighted to see so many residents benefiting from this innovative technology made possible by private investment,” said Kentucky Chamber of Commerce’s President and Chief Executive Officer Dave Adkisson.

Besides expanding wireless internet to mostly rural locations of the state, AT&T® has also upgraded their fiber network backed by AT&T® Fiber, to over 10000 areas in Central Kentucky and Louisville. Subscribers are buying AT&T® Fiber all thanks to the connection speed of up to 1 Gbps. The high-speed internet service will enable customers to download twenty five songs in a second, says AT&T®, or watch their favorite HD movies of 90 minutes running time in less than thirty four seconds.

AT&T® markets the 1000 Mbps Fiber internet connection to more than 7M areas across 67 nationwide metros as of now. Besides, AT&T® plans to reach out to 12.5M areas at the least by mid-2019. Commenting on the fiber network expansions in the U.S. State, AT&T® Kentucky President Hood Harris said, “The more than 2,700 men and women who work for AT&T® and call Kentucky home, are proud to work with our local, state and federal leadership to provide the connectivity Kentucky’s residents and businesses demand.”

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