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25 Jun

The 3 Different Types of Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber Optic Internet Providers

Types Of Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber optic internet providers deliver the internet connection to the premises of subscribers over fiber optic cable lines that transmit signals as light pulses. The technology has allowed organizations and businesses to send data at higher speeds and cost-efficiently than precursors to fiber optic cable technology.

The fiber optic cables serve several purposes besides the fact that ISPs use them for telecommunications and data transmission. For instance, in medical facilities, practitioners use fiber optic cables as part of diagnosis using imaging tools or laser surgery. When it comes to internet service though, there are several types of fiber optic cable connections, which are used for distinct methods of data transfer.

Below are 3 of the common types of fiber optic cables. So, depending on your data requirements or business purposes, you can contact fiber optic internet providers who can deliver reliable connections in your area.

Single Mode Fiber Optic

This type of connection is used for cable runs that cover long distances since it allows only one stream of data transmission. The stream of data gets transmitted via a light pulse that carries a considerable amount of bandwidth and provides faster data transmission. Such connection technology is used for Ethernet services that necessitate long distance for transmission of data.

Multimode Fiber Optic

Internet Providers

High Speed Internet

Multimode fiber connection allows light pulses to travel via a multiple of distinct paths. Since it transmits the data via a light pulse, the connection allows more data to be travelled over a fiber optic line. Even though this type of fiber optic technology allows more data to be transmitted, the available bandwidth is less as opposed to single mode cable connection. Due to that, this one is used for transmission of data over distances that are shorter such as LAN.

Plastic Fiber Optic

This one differs from the aforementioned fiber optic connections since the cables for this is not glass but plastic. Nowadays, most of the internet providers offer fiber optic connection for data transmission using optical fiber composed of glass materials, as that is more reliable in comparison to plastic.

Instead of data transmission, the fiber optics made up of plastic is used to create light displays as well as for other purposes that can be termed as ornamental in nature. This is not to say that tech companies have not tested plastic fiber optic for the purpose of data transmission, but that those tests resulted in inconclusive outcomes, which prompted them to rely on tradition fiber optic cable lines.

22 Jun

What you Need to Know about Satellite Internet Service in Remote Locations

Satellite Internet Service

Terrestrial Cable Network

Most of the businesses situated in remote areas have accesses to internet delivered over a terrestrial cable network, but not all areas have that facility. Thus, having a satellite internet service as a backup or primary connection can be beneficial to businesses located in remote locations.

In remote areas, setting up a terrestrial network in response to latent requirements and providing wired broadband connection can take weeks or months for the internet service providers. On occasions, the ISPs may even back out of the broadband expansion project due to location concerns or any other reasons that prevent the network build-outs.

Of course, a satellite internet service also has hurdles such as heavy rains that block the signal strength and lead to outages temporarily. Notwithstanding that, the internet service delivered through satellite is a must for rural business subscribers, especially as a backup connection. There are high speed satellite internet providers who offer reliable connection to the subscribers, so you will be spoilt for choice than having to search for one out of many ISPs.

Moreover, satellite internet make sure that businesses as well as end users or their clients can stay connected to the internet, especially when primary terrestrial connection is undergoing an outage for a short period of time. After all, satellite internet offers coverage no matter the location in the world. This wide coverage makes it easy to access the high-speed internet from rural areas. Besides, it is also plausible to connect remote areas that are spread across long distance via secure private links used for satellite communication.

High Speed Satellite Internet

High Speed Internet

If your business has presence in an offshore area and the headquarters is located miles away in a different place, communication becomes a concern. For satellite internet connection to be even established, users require a power supply as well as clear view of satellites that orbit at 23,000 miles in a geosynchronous equatorial orbit. The internet service providers who offer VSAT systems, in particular, efficient coverage and speeds are possible.

Such satellite internet service providers offer coverage across remote areas or island-like continents with download and upload speeds at up to 2 and 4 megabits per second and with committed information rates for guaranteed speeds. So, even if you are planning to rely on satellite internet service for business communication, you would want to get the best possible service out there.

19 Jun

How to Bounce Back from DSL Speed Woes

Cheap DSL Internet Providers

Internet Speed Issues

The problem with choosing one of the cheap DSL internet providers is that there is a higher chance of the speeds dropping when you are busy using the internet. When your ADSL connection slows down, the only thing you can do is fix the equipment that is at your end. You cannot alter the copper lines running to the house from the provider’s exchange, or pick an exchange to connect to.

If you call a technician over to check the connection running to the exchange and they tell you there is nothing wrong with it, the next step is to check out the wiring inside the house. This will not make any changes to the elements outside the building, and sometimes works to bring back your lost speed. If your house is old, call a cabling company to look at the wires. Maybe the sockets are corroded, the wire has kinks and bends in it, or the phone filters are out of order.

See if you will need to put in a central filter for the phone outlets, instead of a filter for each line. This is generally a good idea. On top of that, consider upgrading the wall sockets as well. Any of these things should be done only by a professional; doing it yourself is not exactly legal. When it is over and if the problem persists, see if this is due to a fault in the modem. Buy a new one if that is the case.

Alternatives to DSL

Mobile broadband is the most convenient internet option to resort to after your DSL connection fails you. It covers internet connections that use cellular networks for delivery, and is of two types: the traditional type and fixed wireless.

Best Wireless Internet Provider

High Speed Internet

Traditional mobile broadband involves buying a Telco’s data-only SIM, along with equipment including a wireless hotspot. The SIM can give you blazing speeds in the range of 20 to 100 Mbps. Some plans these days even offer data up to 50 GB monthly for $50. If you do not use up too much data, this is a very good option.

Fixed home wireless is an all-in-one solution. You get a ready-to-go modem from the best wireless internet provider you can find, which can connect to a 4G cell network without having to rely on wiring. That means you can be on the move, and still be able to connect to the internet and enjoy browsing speeds up to 12 Mbps. For a person struggling with slow DSL speeds, this deal is worth considering.

13 Jun

Top Three Best Internet Providers in the US

Cheap Internet Service Providers

Top Internet Providers

Selecting an internet service provider used to be a simple and straightforward task until a couple of years ago. However, that is not the case anymore, because there are a number of options available to customers who are in search of cheap internet service providers. Internet plans with different speeds, monthly data limit, and more options might confuse customers and they might not be able to find the right internet provider who meets their internet related requirements.

If you are stuck in such a difficult situation, then you need to compare the plans of the cheap internet service providers in your area, as it will considerably increase your chances of acquiring the best deal. Some of the best internet providers in the country who offer the cheapest internet deals to their customers are the following.


AT&T® is the largest DSL broadband provider in the United States and they even offer high speed satellite internet to millions of customers in the country. Besides, the innovative and most modern fiber optic internet service from the telecom giant is also available to 11 million American citizens.

AT&T® offers a wide variety of DSL internet plans to ensure the internet related requirements of each one of their customers are met as per their demands. Customers who opt for the internet service of AT&T® also receive an AT&T® router for free.

Verizon® Fios

The fiber optic internet service of Verizon®, which is popularly known as Verizon® Fios, guarantees customers access to a reliable and high-speed internet connection. The speed offered by Verizon® even in their basic internet plan is sufficient enough for streaming HD video contents and playing online multiplayer games without any interruptions.

High Speed Satellite Internet

High Speed Internet

It can be said that Verizon’s internet plans are the ideal choice of heavy internet users. However, the downfall is that the availability of Verizon’s fiber internet service is limited at the moment.

Comcast XFINITY®

The best thing about Comcast XFINITY® internet service is that customers who subscribe to the standalone internet service of XFINITY will not have to sign for any long-term contracts. This is an amazing option for those who look to switch cheap internet service providers to test their services and offerings.

Most of the basic internet plans of Comcast XFINITY® are available to customers at affordable prices and they come with incredible internet download speeds. However, the downfall is that the upload speed offered by the provider is a bit slow.

12 Jun

An Overview of Internet Plans AT&T® Offers to Customers

Best High Speed Internet In My Area

Fiber Optic Network

If one of your friends says that “the best high speed internet in my area is provided by AT&T®”, you could hardly argue with him or her. After all, AT&T® has the kind of plans that suit the internet needs of millions of customers, providing uninterrupted coverage in most part of the US.

Unlike internet service delivered through DSL network, AT&T® makes use of fiber optic network for internet deployment. So, opting for a plan from one of the best fiber optic internet providers out there, you can get a connection that is reliable than traditional cable broadband. Of course, technically DSL and fiber optic internet come under the high-speed category, but AT&T® provides better internet speeds in comparison owing to the internet deployment technology it relies on. It is called fiber-to-the-premises.

The speed of internet service titled AT&T® Fiber is 1 gigabit per second, which exceeds that of traditional broadband connections delivered over cable lines. Besides the connection, the ISP also endorses pay-TV services, which is used for streaming channels over the web, with options to bundle it with your internet plan.

If you subscribe to AT&T® Fiber, you get wireless gateway that offers signal strength anywhere from the home. The option to bundle internet plans with streaming service for watching cable channels is an addition, but customers shall consider subscribing their internet service alone as per requirement.

AT&T® Internet 50

This limited area internet service from AT&T® offers speed of up to 50 megabits per second, with options to connect it to 10 devices in the home network. The AT&T® internet plan promises that you can download an HD movie with a 90-minute runtime in less than 2.5 minutes. Note that the service of the Dallas-based Telco, which comes at a price of $40 a month and 12-months agreement, includes a data cap of 1 Terabyte. If you exceed that data limit, for each additional 50 GB data, you may have to pay $10 extra.

AT&T® Internet 100

Fiber Optic Internet Providers

High Speed Internet

With this internet plan costing $60 a month, you get double the speed than the above-mentioned one, for starters. The package from AT&T® has the same 1 TB data cap as Internet 50, but you can connect the net to a dozen devices simultaneously. Further, the same movie can be downloaded within a minute with 100 Mbps connection from AT&T®.

An unlimited internet plan is AT&T® Internet 1000 costing $80 a month, which offers a connection with 1 Gbps speed in select areas only. You can contact an AT&T® store to know if any of the said plans are available in your area or Google “best high speed internet in my area” to find the best packages available.

09 Jun

Types of Cable Bundles and Benefits of Choosing That

High Speed Cable Internet

Cheap Cable Packages

Over the recent past, bundling or combining cable packages with internet and telephone plans have been a popular trend. This is because choosing a bundled plan from a cable provider or telecommunications company offers several benefits to customers. Firstly, you have to keep track of only a consolidated invoice of the billing cycle, besides having to stick with only one provider. Apart from that, there are many other reasons as well to justify why you might want to choose cable bundles.

Choosing Bundled Packages

If it is a cable provider, triple play may refer to a combined service that includes high speed cable internet, telephone plans, and cable TV. If the bundled package is marketed as ‘double play’, then it may have a provision to couple two of the three plans among voice, video, and data.

If customers choose a bundled plan, a cable operator may offer premium channels or a credit amount, which customers can use to subscribe to select channels in addition to what their existing cable service offers. If it is canvassed as a quadruple play bundle, then cable customers also get to combine the wireless service of the telecommunications company to voice, video, and data.

Cheap Cable Internet

High Speed Internet

Besides offering high speed cable internet, cable service, and telephone plans, a cable bundle may also come with promotional offers endorsed to new customers for a trial period. Note that a customer may be having a cable service at present, but if they opt to bundle internet and other plans to the cable package, they will get the same kind of offering a cable operator endorse to subscribers who switch from other carriers. In fact, one of the main objectives of offering bundled plans is to keep customers from cord cutting or choosing other platforms to access the services.

There are also skinny bundles or ones that combine internet with a small number of channels at a much affordable cost. Such bundled packages offer select cable channels and provision for internet, but unlike traditional triple play bundles, the cost for skinny bundles is cheaper. So, if you need to stream only a few channels or have fewer people watching the generic channels, by choosing a skinny programming bundle you can tailor your needs. This means, residential or business customers should also consider their entertainment habits or requirements when choosing cable bundles.

06 Jun

The Importance of High Upload Speeds

Best Internet Deals In My Area

High Upload Speed

These days, average speeds simply do not hit the spot for most internet users. This drives many to Google “best internet deals in my area” and pick from the ones that offer the highest speeds. However, there is another issue that needs close attention: low upload speeds.

While high download speeds are important for a range of things like browsing feature-rich sites, downloading movies and gaming, ordinate upload speeds are just as essential. Many provider fail to supply the latter, which makes it a lot more difficult to upload files than download them. However, with the spread of cloud-based services, live streaming, video calls, and online gaming, subscribers have been made aware of the fact that symmetric speeds are vital to their internet experience.

With the cloud providing a station for files and apps on a scale we have not seen before, an ever-increasing number of data packets is being sent “up” instead of “down”. However, if the network cannot handle your upload speed requirements, then these operations can congest it pretty quickly. Imagine playing an online game while your roommate is on Skype with someone. This would no doubt reduce your upload speed and lead to lags.

Another scenario is where you are using a connection with 10 Mbps download speed and 2 Mbps upload speed. This may seem OK, but how slow would uploading an HD picture to Instagram be? Sometimes up to a couple of minutes, which is too long.

Symmetrical Speed

Best Internet Deals In My Area

High Speed Internet

This is much needed in offices, and even in homes. People who are on social media a lot of the time, or those that game extensively, are only too painfully aware of the problem that occur when upload speeds drop. Fiber internet guarantees consistently high upload speeds, which is one main reason why companies are rushing in to subscribe.

Even if you consider yourself a layman, the importance of high upload speeds should be obvious. This makes it important to choose wisely when selecting an ISP and internet plan. Know your needs and make sure they will be met. Do not end up paying for something that does not deliver when you most need it to, like cheap cable internet. Thoroughly research your options (Google “best internet deals in my area”) before settling on one, ask around to see how your friends and family have fared with their own ISP choices, and make an informed decision.

02 Jun

A Comparison between Verizon Fios® and Comcast Xfinity®

Internet Providers

Video Streaming Service

There are several internet providers in the US market, which offer high-speed internet plans for streaming video content through respective platforms for that. Yet again, finding the right ISP for streaming may necessitate some preliminary research. To get the ideal deals, search “best high speed internet in my area” on the internet using the ZIP code of your area.

Note that when it comes to streaming, download speed is more important than upstream speed. As of now, Verizon® and Comcast® are the two ISPs that offer the best options in that regard. Undoubtedly, the results of your search for the “best high speed internet in my area” will include these two. Below is a quick comparison of Verizon Fios® and Comcast Xfinity®.

Verizon Fios® for Speed and Connectivity

Verizon® provides different speed tier plans with sharing options through Wi-Fi enabled devices in their internet service delivered over 100 percent fiber-optic network. Its starter plan offers 100 megabits per second speed with options to share it to one to three wireless-enabled devices, which is ideal for a small number of users or limited streaming of channels in Fios® cable.

The Fios® 940 Mbps plan, on the other hand, offers better speed and options to stream channels on 100 devices simultaneously. With more downstream speed, users can access higher resolution video content in fast streaming time. However, if your streaming requirement is less or Fios® is not available in your area, you may want to consider Verizon’s DSL internet service instead.

Comcast Xfinity® for Bundle Plans with Better Pricing

Best High Speed Internet In My Area

High Speed Internet

Providing a competition to Verizon Fios’s double play or triple bundles is Xfinity®, which is the subsidiary of Comcast®. Note that both companies offer speed tier plans, but Comcast’s internet pricing is more affordable. Both companies offer Gbps internet plans, but there could be speed fluctuations or little to no availability depending on the location you live in. Comcast’s 350 Mbps plan offer streaming up to a dozen devices and is available in more areas than their 1 and 2 Gbps plans, which are yet to be made available in their nationwide footprint.

While Verizon Fios® offers 100 Mbps internet with 15 channels at $54.99 a month, the Comcast Xfinity® starter plan with same speed offers over 100 channels at just $49.99 a month. The former ISP offers streaming facility on multiple devices without any contracts, whereas the latter offers more channels but with a 12-month subscription.

25 May

Top 3 Advantages of Choosing a Wireless Network at Office

Best Wireless Internet Provider

Wireless Network Advantages

A network computer allows sharing of data between other systems in the network, especially in office setups. There are two ways to keep a system connected to a network; one is to use wired connections and the other is use wireless routers or access points for that. Although the more traditional way of network computing is to use cable connections such as LAN, the wireless network offers several benefits for enterprise communication.

There are many reasons for choosing a best wireless internet provider for enterprise needs, and network computing is certainly one of those. More and more enterprise customers adopt wireless networking systems due to the advantages it provides. Below are 3 of the most prominent benefits of choosing a wireless network for a business.

A Wireless Network is Scalable

If your business venture is growing, and you want to make changes to the office layout, it will invite changes in network systems. When you use cables for connecting the computers over LAN, it will invite hassles in future when the office layout has to change. This is something that businesses can avoid by opting for a wireless network infrastructure. If you use a wireless connection, new users can be created on the server system and, even if people move cubicles or desks due to company location change, there will not be any wires to unplug and connect to elsewhere.

Wireless Networks Offer Guest Access

Wireless Internet Service

High Speed Internet

If you have clients who visit the office frequently to communicate business matters, then having a wireless router can allow guests to access the internet. Of course, corporate executives or businessmen often require logging into their email accounts to communicate official matters anytime. It will be more of an inconvenience to them if they have to visit an internet café for that. Instead, if you can give the Service Set IDentifier (SSID) to important clients in advance, they can access the Wi-Fi network in your office premise. In case you are new to the term, check behind the router supplied by the wireless internet service provider to get the SSID or get help from the tech support team.

Wireless Networks Offer Mobility

If you have plenty of laptops or mobile devices at the office, choosing for a wireless connection is the best option to keep up with work productivity. If your wireless provider offers the provision to share the internet with several devices, then it will be ideal instead of having to move Ethernet cables wherever laptops go. Besides, you get to choose from a lot of plans, packages, and options from the best wireless internet provider, which are catered to the specific needs at your workplace.

22 May

Why Choose Viasat™ Internet?

Internet Plans In My Area

Satellite Internet Provider

Viasat is one of the leading internet providers in the country. Google “internet plans in my area”, and you will find that Viasat’s offerings rank among the best that people sign up for. Currently, 8 in 10 homes can avail their services. If you are struggling with a slow connection for any reason, be it that you are in a rural area, or that other providers’ services leave something to be desired, you may want to start considering Viasat.

Super-Fast Speeds

Satellite internet is many things, but slow is not one of them. Viasat offers levels of speed that allow you to fully enjoy the pleasures and utilities of today’s internet – you can easily stream HD videos and music, load web pages instantly, video chat, send emails with massive attachments, and upload files at tremendous speeds. All of this can be done at the same time, with more than one person carrying out data-intensive operations simultaneously over the same connection.

Price Lock for 2 Years

Viasat only offers plans that come with a lock on the price, guaranteeing it will not change for at least two years after you sign up. Great internet is something everyone should be able to afford, and they should not have to put up with the bill going up every season.

How to Get Viasat Internet

  • Internet Access

    High Speed Internet

    Select a plan: Check out the wide variety of attractively priced internet plans offered. The range of options covers every possible budget, and also includes such cookies as bundled DIRECTV® Enjoy speeds reaching up to 50 Mbps, as long as they are locally available. You can find the plans available in your area listed online.

  • Schedule a time for installation: Viasat offers installation through technicians, who will show up at your door and after testing the signal strength in the area, offer suggestions on where to install the dish. You can have it up on the roof or wall, or mounted on a pole. The technician also sees to setting up the new modem in your home, so that you can connect to the internet.
  • Start enjoying the benefits: You now have high-speed internet access, and the sky is the limit to what you can do online. Give up worrying about cable or DSL coverage, because all that is irrelevant now.

You can also get a bundled package with DIRECTV® service, bringing 200 HD channels to go with your super fast internet speeds. New customers can save $10 per month on their internet bill for the first year as well.

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