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03 Aug

How Much Internet Speed Do you Really Need

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The latest innovations and advancements in the field of telecommunications have considerably changed the way in which we communicate, work, educate our children, and access information. A recent survey revealed that approximately 113 million American citizens actively use the internet to access social media platforms, play online games, and to connect with their friends and family members. The survey also revealed that these internet users spend more than 9 hours on the internet every week. This implies that the demand for the internet is growing exponentially in today’s digital era.

However, several internet users in the United States often claim that the internet speed offered by their service provider is not sufficient for meeting their internet related requirements. As most of us are heavily reliant on the internet, the demand for high-speed internet has dramatically increased over the last few years. If you feel that the internet speed offered by your internet service provider is not up to the mark, then you should consider upgrading your internet plan or switching to a new internet service provider.

Several customers who are new to the world of internet often ask is there any way to catch the best internet deals in my area. If you wish to do this, then the first and most important thing you should do is to figure out how much internet speed you really need. The internet speed requirements of one customer may significantly vary when compared to another customer. For starters, you will need to examine your internet usage patterns and thoroughly assess your needs. So, instead of asking yourself how to acquire the best internet deals in my area, you need to ask how much internet speed is needed at my home or office.

Different Types of Internet Users

Best Internet Deals In My Area

Types Of Internet Users

If you are a person who uses the internet connection at his home actively on a daily basis, then you will surely need access to a high-speed internet connection with no delays or interruptions. However, users who are signing up for an internet connection for the first time in their life will not probably need access to an unlimited internet plan with greater speed. This is because most of these users will be using their internet connection for light activities such as checking emails and accessing social media platforms.

Light Internet Users

A vast majority of the light internet users in the United States use the internet connection at their home for web surfing, checking emails, music and stand-definition video streaming, and to share files with low sizes. If you are a light internet user who is wondering how to capture the best internet deals in my area, then consider choosing an internet plan with a speed of 5 to 10 Mbps.

Internet users who use the internet only a few times every week for basic or light internet activities should opt for a basic internet plan. This is because there is no point in paying for an internet connection with greater speeds if you are not actively using the connection. However, if you feel that your internet connection is too slow or if your internet demands have considerably increased, then it is best to upgrade your plan. On the other hand, customers who do need higher inter speed could consider switching to an internet plan with lower internet speed to save money. Nevertheless, you need to take into account your internet speed requirements before changing your internet plan.

Moderate Internet Users

Most of the moderate internet users in the country use the internet connection in their home to play online games and stream HD video contents. In addition to that, some moderate users particularly businessmen and employees often use internet to video conference with their clients. In most cases, all these moderate internet activities might happen at the very same time, which in turn means that these users should choose an internet plan that delivers at least 10 Mbps speed at all times. However, the maximum internet speed required for these online activities is around 25 Mbps. So, you should not subscribe to an internet plan with greater speed, as you will end up overpaying for the service.

If you are using the internet connection each day of the week to check emails, watch YouTube videos, stream high-definition video contents, and to scroll through Facebook feed, then you are a moderate internet user. If you choose an internet plan with less than 10 Mbps, then you will not be satisfied with the service. So, opt for an internet plan with 10-25 Mbps speed to enjoy a fine internet using experience.

Heavy Internet Users

Internet users who love to stream plenty of HD video contents through streaming services and the ones who like to play high-definition online games on a regular basis fall into the category of heavy internet users. These users also engage in other heavy internet activities such as video conferencing, streaming and downloading music files, and more. The minimum speed required for these online activities is estimated to be around 50 Mbps while the maximum is around 1000 Mbps In the case of extreme internet users.

If you are a heavy internet user, then you will probably want your videos to load at a rapid pace. This means that customers who are using a slow internet connection will often feel frustrated and irritated when it takes a greater amount of time for their videos to load. This is something most users wish to avoid.

Internet Providers

Internet Usage Limit

Several customers, especially heavy internet users, often ask how to acquire the best internet deals in my area. If you are a heavy internet user wish to get the best internet deals in the market, then you need to pick a plan with zero monthly data caps. This is because most heavy internet users will surpass 1 or 2 TB of data within just a few weeks. So, if the monthly data limit in your plan is 1 or 2 TB, then you will need to buy additional data from your internet service provider.

Factors That Affect your Internet Speed

Customers who are asking themselves how to get the best internet deals in my area often forget to check the customer reviews and service reliability of the internet providers who are operating in their area. It is significant to note that you will most probably experience a few system outages and other issues with your internet service. When that happens, you will need an expert team of customer service technicians who are there for you to resolve the issues. So, you should get in touch with your preferred internet service provider and check whether their customer service is good or not.

If you are satisfied with the customer service and plans offered by the provider, you should ask them whether the internet speed advertised by them will be consistent or not. In addition to that, you must make sure that all issues related to your internet connection will be resolved by the provider at the earliest. Some of the most common factors that affect the speed of an internet connection are as follows.


If the internet routers and modems in your home or office are old or outdated, then they will fail to keep up with your high-speed internet connection. As a result, you will find it very difficult to use the internet and to carry out personal and work-related tasks with ease. Internet users who wish to avoid such hassles should get in touch with the leading internet providers in their area and ask them whether they need to upgrade the internet producing devices in their home or not.

Moreover, the type of internet connection (DSL, fiber, cable, or satellite) that your internet service provider is using to deliver internet to your home will also have a significant impact in the speed of your service. Most of the fiber internet providers in the country offer greater speed to customers due to the innovative technology that they are using to deliver internet. On the other hand, the speed offered by cable and DSL internet providers is not that impressive when compared to the fiber optic internet providers in the country.

Data Caps

Some of the internet providers in the United States usually put a monthly data cap on their unlimited and high-speed internet plans. If the monthly data cap of your internet plan is 1 TB, then the speed of your service will be considerably decreased once you hit the 1 TB data mark every month. This will prevent you from streaming video contents and using the connection for other heavy internet activities.

The good news is that you can buy extra data from your provider by paying additional dollars and continue to enjoy a fine internet experience. However, this might not seem like an economic option for several internet users because you will end up overpaying for the service. So, active internet users and the ones who consume a greater amount of internet data every day should look for an unlimited internet plan with no monthly data caps.

Number of Devices

Cheap Internet Providers

High Speed Internet

If you are a new user who is subscribing to an internet connection for the first time in his/her life, then you will be probably using the connection through your PC and smartphone. However, this is not the case when it comes to moderate and heavy internet users. These two categories of internet users usually tap into their internet connection from gaming systems, smart TVs, computers, tablets, and multiple smartphones at the very same time. This will certainly reduce the internet speed of your service.

Likewise, if there are multiple numbers of heavy internet users in your home, then look for internet plans with a minimum speed of 50 or 75 Mbps because you will need such an internet speed to meet your requirements. Moreover, in such cases, you should also avoid internet plans with data limits because you will exceed the preset limit every month due to the heavy use of the internet.

Other Factors

It is crucial to remember that the peak hours of internet usage in the United States is usually between 7 to 11 pm at night. This means that several users will be using the internet in between these peak hours, which means that the speed of your internet connection may get a bit low during these hours. This is because the demand for internet usually outweighs the capacity of the system during the peak hours.

If you are living in a rural or remote part of the country, then you might have picked satellite internet over other viable choices. The issue with satellite internet providers is that the signals transmitted by them might get disrupted due to storm and other adverse weather conditions. However, most of these issues may get resolved within a day or two.

Points to Remember

Most of the internet users love to stream their favorite TV shows and movies through an online streaming service. The minimum internet speed required for streaming videos through Netflix and other popular streaming services is estimated to be around 3 Mbps. However, the recommended internet speed may vary based on the quality of the video.

For instance, users who are streaming standard definition videos will require only an internet speed of 3 Mbps while streaming videos in HD requires a minimum internet speed of 5 Mbps. Finally, internet users who are streaming TV shows and movies in 4K or HDR resolution will certainly need to subscribe to an internet service that constantly delivers an internet speed of 25 Mbps or above.

Another important thing business owners and employees should realize that a minimum internet speed of 3 to 4 Mbps is only required for basic computer programs and checking emails. However, businesses who communicate with their clients through Skype video calls will need to have access to an internet connection that offers a speed of 10 Mbps or more. If your employees have to transfer large files on a daily basis, then a minimum internet speed of 40 Mbps will be required at your office.


If you are wondering how to get access to the best internet deals in my area and save a few dollars, then you need to thoroughly compare the different internet plans of internet providers. If you are able to find a plan that perfectly matches with your internet requirements, then it is best to subscribe to the plan. However, you should also look for promotional deals and other offers, as it will surely help you to save hundreds of your valuable dollars.

06 Jul

The Life after Net Neutrality Repeal Seems Prosperous for ISPs

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Best Internet Deals In My Area

Net Neutrality Repeal

The Net Neutrality ruling has been repealed. It originally came into effect in 2015 under Barack Obama’s presidency and had banned internet providers from throttling speeds, blocking certain websites, or giving favorable treatment to sites as long as they are indulged in legal activities. In other words, ISPs were legally bound to treat web traffic equally irrespective of its source. The “neutrality” in Net Neutrality calls ISPs to be neutral on all said aspects mentioned above.

The spotlight of the ruling was the aspect that ISPS should not charge money to prioritize traffic for certain sites or apps, but that holds little significance now. For instance, US-based ISPs at a liberty to block or throttle speeds of a peer-to-peer websites or applications used to download movies or other types of content over the web. Even the bandwidth of an internet service can be throttled by ISPs, which means that you may have the “best internet deals in my area” but bandwidth throttling may put the speed at risk.

Besides, the internet services are no longer a “utility”, as mentioned under the Communications Act’s Title II. Instead of FCC, ISPs now fall under the jurisdiction of FTC. In other words, the Federal Trade Commission can regulate the behaviors of ISPs and take a decisive action such as levying a penalty if it is called for.

Internet Providers

High Speed Internet

There was so much of skepticism, when FCC chairman Ajit Pai first proposed the deregulations of Net Neutrality. The skeptics argued that this would give the control to internet service providers and that most major ISPs having a customer base in their respective nationwide footprint does not help either. Meaning, if one or two top ISPs choose to take advantage of the repeal, such practices will not be beneficial to customers.

On the flipside, Net Neutrality repeal also means that ISPs who chose to take advantage of it will have to disclose that they have opted for that practice to FTC. It is no grey area of legislation. Further, not all internet service providers have expressed that they would capitalize on the deregulations. Maybe disclosing that is a matter, which can have an effect on the reputation of the top ISPs in the US.

Look up on the internet for a list of “best internet deals in my area” and you will land up on a page that reveals the top plans from best ISPs. Yet remember, now the market is at their disposal, as they have the authority to block sites, throttle speeds, and even censor web content.

06 Jun

The Importance of High Upload Speeds

Best Internet Deals In My Area

High Upload Speed

These days, average speeds simply do not hit the spot for most internet users. This drives many to Google “best internet deals in my area” and pick from the ones that offer the highest speeds. However, there is another issue that needs close attention: low upload speeds.

While high download speeds are important for a range of things like browsing feature-rich sites, downloading movies and gaming, ordinate upload speeds are just as essential. Many provider fail to supply the latter, which makes it a lot more difficult to upload files than download them. However, with the spread of cloud-based services, live streaming, video calls, and online gaming, subscribers have been made aware of the fact that symmetric speeds are vital to their internet experience.

With the cloud providing a station for files and apps on a scale we have not seen before, an ever-increasing number of data packets is being sent “up” instead of “down”. However, if the network cannot handle your upload speed requirements, then these operations can congest it pretty quickly. Imagine playing an online game while your roommate is on Skype with someone. This would no doubt reduce your upload speed and lead to lags.

Another scenario is where you are using a connection with 10 Mbps download speed and 2 Mbps upload speed. This may seem OK, but how slow would uploading an HD picture to Instagram be? Sometimes up to a couple of minutes, which is too long.

Symmetrical Speed

Best Internet Deals In My Area

High Speed Internet

This is much needed in offices, and even in homes. People who are on social media a lot of the time, or those that game extensively, are only too painfully aware of the problem that occur when upload speeds drop. Fiber internet guarantees consistently high upload speeds, which is one main reason why companies are rushing in to subscribe.

Even if you consider yourself a layman, the importance of high upload speeds should be obvious. This makes it important to choose wisely when selecting an ISP and internet plan. Know your needs and make sure they will be met. Do not end up paying for something that does not deliver when you most need it to, like cheap cable internet. Thoroughly research your options (Google “best internet deals in my area”) before settling on one, ask around to see how your friends and family have fared with their own ISP choices, and make an informed decision.

05 Apr

A Comparison of the Best DSL Providers Right Now

Best DSL Internet Providers

Cheapest DSL Internet Provider

DSL is short for Digital Subscriber Line, and users of the service get high-speed bandwidth that piggybacks on a telephone connection. DSL works when the phone is being used, so you do not have to sacrifice one for the other. Below, we have compiled a list of the best DSL internet providers in the country, so if you have been Googling “DSL internet providers near me”, you are in the right place.

Best Speed for Best Price: CenturyLink®

The High-Speed Internet package from CenturyLink® begins at $20 per month, and you get a speed of 12 Mbps in that. This is a great deal, especially compared to Verizon® DSL’s 1 Mbps connection, which costs $25 per month. The Pure Broadband plan from CenturyLink® offers 40 Mbps of download speed for $35 per month. Taken overall, the actual speed percentage is 45%. This is the second best among DSL providers. For availing the service, you will need to sign a one-year contract. Early termination fee comes up to $200.

Cheapest DSL Internet Provider: AT&T®

While the speed offered is between 1.5 and 3 Mbps, it only costs the $15 a month, which is quite appealing. If you do not have needs that require higher speeds most of the time, then this is a good option. AT&T’s DSL service has an actual speed percentage of 35%, which is very low. There is also a data cap of 150 GB per month.

Most Options: Frontier®

Best Internet Deals In My Area

High Speed Internet

With more options on the table than any other DSL service provider, Frontier® DSL sure is an option to consider when you are in the market for a new connection. The one downside with this provider is the contracts it obligates. Each plan on the roster requires signing a two-year contract, and this does not stop the prices from rising either. When you move into the second year of the DSL service, no matter what plan you are on, the price goes up by $15. Meanwhile, the service stays the same.

Frontier® DSL does give no-contract service for a higher price, but since this is not listed on their website, potential customers would tend to skip that over. Moreover, the actual speed is just 38% of what is advertised.

Underdog: Windstream®

While not as famous as the other providers on this list, Windstream® does have a lot to offer. They provide 50 Mbps of download speed at a justifiable $35 per month, which is over 5 times what Verizon DSL puts forward for the same price. Windstream® DSL’s actual download speed is the highest at 52%, although there is the caveat of having to sign a 12-month contract with an early termination fee.

16 Jan

Comcast® to Extend the Reach of its Home Automation Services

Wireless Internet Service

Home Security System

Comcast® is planning to further improve the reach of its home automation services to its customers across the country. It has announced this expansion of home automation across its entire range of Xfinity® products such as X1, xFi, Xfinity Home® and Xfinity Mobile®. This will make available smart home controls to more than 15 million customers of Xfinity® at no additional charges. With this customer can easily control the various aspects of their home such as turning off lights, regulating thermostats, lock doors, and activate the home security system just by using simple voice commands.

Eliza Findlay, Public Relations Manager for Comcast® stated the customers will be provided with more facilities with the new expansion. She said, “For instance, say someone is sitting down watching TV and it can see who’s at their door. So, there’s an outdoor camera that shows them that and even allows them to unlock the door to let that person in from their couch. We have had home automation services available to Xfinity® home, our home security system, customers. With this announcement 15 million additional Xfinity® Internet customers are now eligible to have these home automated services.”

Wireless Internet Service

Home Automated Services

Last year, Comcast® bought Stringify, a tech startup providing cloud automation services for 500 IoT products and services. The Telco is planning to integrate this soon into the range of Xfinity® products and services along with its wireless internet service. This integration can further improve the home automation service and increase its capabilities. It provides Xfinity® customers the means to use and manage the ecosystems of many prominent brands like GE, Yale, August, etc. Besides, Comcast® has also brought out a new way for builders and property developers to incorporate the Xfinity® smart home automation service for the building process.

According to Chris Satchell, EVP and CPO at Comcast®, “Xfinity® will be the home operating system that integrates every IoT device and transforms a connected home into an intelligent home. Our engineers are working to enable our customers to easily control their connected devices, making full use of our Xfinity® platforms, such as Voice Control, X1, xFi, and Xfinity Home®. We also will add value to that experience by giving customers contextual suggestions for automation that will help them take full advantage of their digital home, making it more useful, fun, and enjoyable.”

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