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03 Jul

Choosing the Best Wireless Internet Provider in your Area

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Best Wireless Internet Provider

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There is no denying the fact that the internet requirements of customers have considerably increased over the last few years. The launch of streaming services such as Netflix, DIRECTV NOW®, and Hulu has dramatically changed the internet requirements of users. Most of us love to stream TV shows, movies, and other HD video contents on our smartphones, laptops, tablets, and PCs by using the internet connection at our home. However, streaming is actually a heavy internet activity, which means that you will need access to a high-speed and reliable internet connection to enjoy a fine streaming experience.

A recent study conducted by experts in the field of telecommunications revealed that the connection speed of an average internet user grows by 50 percent each year. The innovations and advancements in the field of technology have helped several internet providers to boost their internet speed. Still, customers in several parts of the country do not have access to a high-speed internet connection, which means that these users will not be able to stream HD video contents or play online multiplayer games that seamlessly.

Customers who are living in the rural parts of the United States had to choose dial-up and satellite internet connections earlier because no other options were available to them. However, the efforts made by the top internet service providers in the country bought a number of internet connectivity options to customers such as DSL internet, fiber optic internet, wireless internet, and more. One of the best and most popular internet connectivity options available to American citizens is undoubtedly wireless internet.

A Simplified Guide to Wireless Internet Service

Fixed wireless internet connection is considered as one of the most effective alternatives to satellite internet in remote and rural parts of the US. However, the major downfall was that this type of internet connection was limited to rural areas until a few years ago, but that is not the case anymore.

Customers who are new to the world of internet connection and providers might not be familiar with wireless internet service. If you are not familiar with the internet connectivity options available to you, then you might not be able to make an informed buying decision. This might in turn prevent you from acquiring the best internet deals in the market.

What is Wireless Internet

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DSL Internet Services

Fixed wireless internet connection is sometimes confused with high-speed satellite internet connection, which is the major reason why several customers have not heard about the former type of internet connection. In simple words, fixed wireless broadband can be defined as an internet connection type, which incorporates the use of radio waves in order to deliver internet to businesses and homes. This means that most of the wireless internet service providers in the country use radio waves to transmit data instead of fiber optic cables or traditional cable wires. The receiver serves the crucial purpose of communicating with the wireless base station near your location. This in turn gives you access to the internet with the help of a cable that carries broadband signal from the receiver to the wireless router at your place.

Fixed wireless internet service is relatively a lot different from fiber optic, DSL, and other types of internet connections. If you are able to find the best wireless internet provider in your area and strike a good deal with them, then the expert customer service technicians from the company will initially install a receiver on your office or home. For instance, if an office of your business enterprise is located in one of the remote parts of the country, then subscribing to the best wireless internet provider near you will allow you to enjoy numerous benefits.

This type of internet service is commonly available in all the rural parts of the United States. This is because setting up the required infrastructures for other high-speed internet services such as DSL and cable can be a little bit expensive in such areas. As transporting cable wires and burying them in the ground means internet providers will have to make a huge investment and gather the necessary permits to do so, this might not be a simple straightforward task.

Even if the leading internet service providers in the country went through all these troubles to set up a high-speed DSL, cable, or fiber optic internet network, the revenue generated in these parts of the country would be relatively less, which is not good for business. On the other hand, the cost of setting up infrastructures for wireless internet connection is relatively cheap. So, the financially viable option is to set up a wireless internet service in less populated or urban parts of the country.

Pros and Cons of Wireless Internet Service

Wireless Internet Service

Internet Service Options

Just like any other internet connection type, wireless internet also comes with a few pros and cons. If you are unable to decide whether wireless internet service is the ideal choice for you or not, then you should go through the advantages and disadvantages of the internet service, as it will enable you to come to a conclusion.

One of the most noticeable advantages of choosing the best wireless internet provider is that it is pretty much easier to set up when compared to other high-speed internet services. This is because wireless internet connection set up does not require any kind of physical cable, which in turn makes the setting up or installation process a lot more cheap and straightforward.

Another fascinating thing several customers do not know about wireless service is that there are no monthly data caps in most of such internet plans. This means that customers can use as much data as they like without any interruptions or extra fees. So if you are a heavy internet user, that is, a person who uses streaming services on a regular basis or play online multiplayer games daily, then it is best to settle for wireless internet service. However, you will need to get in touch with the best wireless internet provider in your area and ask them whether their plans come with a monthly data cap or not. If not, thoroughly compare the different wireless internet plans offered by the wireless internet provider and choose one that meets your needs. This will help you to catch the best wireless internet deal in the market.

One of the major downfalls of fixed wireless internet service is that the antenna, which is placed at the home or office of customers and the providers’ ground station, will need to have a direct line of sight. If not, then establishing a wireless internet connection will be an almost impossible task. Another thing to realize here is that hills, trees, and other obstructions may also affect the quality of wireless internet service. Such obstructions may also prevent the installation and setting up of wireless internet connection in some areas. So, the first and foremost thing you should do is to get in touch with your preferred wireless internet provider and ask them whether the service is available in your area.

Note that the price of the most of fixed wireless plans is actually a bit higher when compared to other broadband internet plans. This means that if you are on a tight budget, then a wireless internet connection might not be the ideal option for you. However, most wireless internet providers allow subscribers to bundle two or three of their services together, which in turn allows you to cut down the monthly bills. If the best wireless internet provider near you offers such an option, then you will be able to save hundreds of dollars.

Satellite Internet vs. Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed Wireless Internet

Satellite Internet Provider

One of the most popular options available to customers who are living in the remote areas of the country is satellite internet. However, several internet users have a misconception that both fixed wireless internet and satellite internet is the very same thing. It is true that satellite internet connection also provides high-speed internet access to customers without using any cable or phone lines. However, satellite internet connection is very much different from a wireless internet connection in a number of ways.

For instance, adverse weather conditions affect satellite internet connection a lot more than they affect wireless. In the former type of internet connection, transmitted signals from the provider will have to travel through the atmosphere and back to the Earth. So, bad weather and other factors may affect the quality of these signals, which will in turn deprive you of a fine internet using experience. Such issues are not common when it comes to choosing the best wireless internet provider.

Most satellite internet providers usually put a monthly data cap on most of their plans. This means that this type of internet connection might not seem like a good option for heavy internet users. In addition to that, the internet speed available to customers in satellite internet plans is relatively less when compared to wireless internet plans. So, if both these types of internet connection are available in your area, it is best to settle for the best wireless internet provider.

Wireless Internet Connection vs. Wired Internet Connection

The internet connection in most homes and business enterprises usually rely on wireless or wired technology. In some cases, we use both wired and wireless technologies in order to meet our needs, particularly when we are using internet on multiple devices. It is a widely known and accepted fact that high-speed wireless internet connections are ideal for connecting multiple devices because they offer incredible speed. However, it is still a little bit hard to assert that wireless internet is better than wired internet as both of these services have their own pros and cons.

When it comes to stability, security, latency, and speed, Ethernet or wired internet connections continue to be a far better choice than wireless internet connections. The internet speed offered by wired internet providers is actually a lot more impressive than that of wireless internet providers. Even the best wireless internet provider is unable to provide higher downloading speed to customers, which is quite sad. However, wireless internet service providers in the country have been putting in extra efforts to improve the availability of the service and to boost the speed. The latest advancements in the field of internet will enable them to considerably increase the speed of their service within a short span of time. So, there is still hope left for the wireless internet customers in the country.

Best Internet Deals

Wired Internet Connection

Another noticeable thing that makes wireless internet far superior to Ethernet connections is convenience. You will be able to enjoy a fine browsing experience from anywhere within the range of the wireless modem. In addition to that, the impressive speed offered by wireless internet providers will enable you to stream HD video contents without any interruptions or delays.

Cellular Connection vs. Wireless Service

Several internet users have a misconception that there is no difference between cellular connections and fixes wireless internet service. The reality is that mobile connections come with a wide variety of access points, which acts as mesh networks. These mesh networks allow mobile data users to pick up data from several different points when they are traveling from one location to another. On the other hand, the data transmitted in fixed wireless internet service originates from a fixed position and it is then delivered directly to the receivers at the residence or office of customers with the help of a line of sight.

In most cases, the internet speed offered by wireless internet service providers is far superior to that of mobile connections. The speed offered by mobile internet data connections is usually around 10 Mbps, whereas the speed offered by fixed wireless internets service is more than 50 Mbps in most markets. So, if you are looking to subscribe to a high-speed internets service, then wireless internet is the best option available to you. Yet note that the internet speed offered by wireless internet service providers will significantly vary from on a number of factors such as location and speed. So, you will need to reach out to the best wireless internet provider in your area and ask them what the maximum internet speed they offer to customers is. If the speed offered by the internet service provider does not seem impressive to you, it is best to look for other viable options.

Choosing the Best Wireless Internet Provider

Selecting an internet plan that meets your needs used to be a simple and straightforward task until a few years ago. That is not the case these days because a wide variety of internet plans is available to customers today. The abundant number of internet providers and the plans they offer will confuse customers. As a result, they will find it very difficult to find the ideal internet plan that meets all their internet requirements.

If you wish to avoid such hassles, then you will need to spare a quality amount of your time on research, as it will enable you to find the best wireless internet provider in your area. It is true that this might not be an easy task, particularly for the ones who are new to the world of internet shopping. If that is the case, then you will need to consider getting in touch with the leading internet service providers in your area. In addition to that, you should go online and check the customer reviews of existing and current subscribers of each one of the wireless internet providers who are offering their service near you. This might help you to decide which one of them is the best wireless internet provider.

Internet Service Providers

High Speed Internet

Once you have figured out the best wireless internet provider near you, thoroughly examine each one of their internet plans. Customers who are planning to use the wireless internet connection at their home to browse emails and access social media will be content with a basic internet plan that offer a maximum internet speed of 10 Mbps. However, if there are multiple internet users in your home or if you have a heavy internet user, it is best to go for an unlimited internet plan that guarantees access to a reliable internet connection with a minimum internet speed of 50 or 75 Mbps.

An important point to remember is that most wireless internet service providers usually offer promotional deals and other exciting offers to new customers. So, make sure to ask the best wireless internet provider you chose whether you are eligible for any such offers.

19 Jun

How to Bounce Back from DSL Speed Woes

Cheap DSL Internet Providers

Internet Speed Issues

The problem with choosing one of the cheap DSL internet providers is that there is a higher chance of the speeds dropping when you are busy using the internet. When your ADSL connection slows down, the only thing you can do is fix the equipment that is at your end. You cannot alter the copper lines running to the house from the provider’s exchange, or pick an exchange to connect to.

If you call a technician over to check the connection running to the exchange and they tell you there is nothing wrong with it, the next step is to check out the wiring inside the house. This will not make any changes to the elements outside the building, and sometimes works to bring back your lost speed. If your house is old, call a cabling company to look at the wires. Maybe the sockets are corroded, the wire has kinks and bends in it, or the phone filters are out of order.

See if you will need to put in a central filter for the phone outlets, instead of a filter for each line. This is generally a good idea. On top of that, consider upgrading the wall sockets as well. Any of these things should be done only by a professional; doing it yourself is not exactly legal. When it is over and if the problem persists, see if this is due to a fault in the modem. Buy a new one if that is the case.

Alternatives to DSL

Mobile broadband is the most convenient internet option to resort to after your DSL connection fails you. It covers internet connections that use cellular networks for delivery, and is of two types: the traditional type and fixed wireless.

Best Wireless Internet Provider

High Speed Internet

Traditional mobile broadband involves buying a Telco’s data-only SIM, along with equipment including a wireless hotspot. The SIM can give you blazing speeds in the range of 20 to 100 Mbps. Some plans these days even offer data up to 50 GB monthly for $50. If you do not use up too much data, this is a very good option.

Fixed home wireless is an all-in-one solution. You get a ready-to-go modem from the best wireless internet provider you can find, which can connect to a 4G cell network without having to rely on wiring. That means you can be on the move, and still be able to connect to the internet and enjoy browsing speeds up to 12 Mbps. For a person struggling with slow DSL speeds, this deal is worth considering.

25 May

Top 3 Advantages of Choosing a Wireless Network at Office

Best Wireless Internet Provider

Wireless Network Advantages

A network computer allows sharing of data between other systems in the network, especially in office setups. There are two ways to keep a system connected to a network; one is to use wired connections and the other is use wireless routers or access points for that. Although the more traditional way of network computing is to use cable connections such as LAN, the wireless network offers several benefits for enterprise communication.

There are many reasons for choosing a best wireless internet provider for enterprise needs, and network computing is certainly one of those. More and more enterprise customers adopt wireless networking systems due to the advantages it provides. Below are 3 of the most prominent benefits of choosing a wireless network for a business.

A Wireless Network is Scalable

If your business venture is growing, and you want to make changes to the office layout, it will invite changes in network systems. When you use cables for connecting the computers over LAN, it will invite hassles in future when the office layout has to change. This is something that businesses can avoid by opting for a wireless network infrastructure. If you use a wireless connection, new users can be created on the server system and, even if people move cubicles or desks due to company location change, there will not be any wires to unplug and connect to elsewhere.

Wireless Networks Offer Guest Access

Wireless Internet Service

High Speed Internet

If you have clients who visit the office frequently to communicate business matters, then having a wireless router can allow guests to access the internet. Of course, corporate executives or businessmen often require logging into their email accounts to communicate official matters anytime. It will be more of an inconvenience to them if they have to visit an internet café for that. Instead, if you can give the Service Set IDentifier (SSID) to important clients in advance, they can access the Wi-Fi network in your office premise. In case you are new to the term, check behind the router supplied by the wireless internet service provider to get the SSID or get help from the tech support team.

Wireless Networks Offer Mobility

If you have plenty of laptops or mobile devices at the office, choosing for a wireless connection is the best option to keep up with work productivity. If your wireless provider offers the provision to share the internet with several devices, then it will be ideal instead of having to move Ethernet cables wherever laptops go. Besides, you get to choose from a lot of plans, packages, and options from the best wireless internet provider, which are catered to the specific needs at your workplace.

30 Apr

Top Benefits of Opting for a Fixed Wireless Internet Service

Best Wireless Internet Provider

Fixed Wireless Internet Service

Businesses and residential subscribers are certainly discovering that fixed wireless internet connection offers several benefits when it comes to fulfilling the broadband needs of one or more users. Instead of relying on wired connections, a best wireless internet provider delivers the service by deploying radio waves from a nearby wireless tower to fixed antennae at the subscribers’ place. Read on for the top benefits of opting for a fixed wireless service from the best wireless internet provider.

Low Latency

For most of the businesses relying on a phone service such as VoIP, a major benefit of the low latency internet connection is that it offers better call quality as opposed to other alternatives such as fiber optic and broadband. A fiber network, obviously, travels more distance in comparison to a microwave signal that arrives at the customers’ place without lags. This lessened number of hops in a microwave wireless network reduces the end-to-end latency. Even a matter of milliseconds would be a sizeable benefit for most businesses, as that only provides best internet accessibility with lower latency.

Reliability of the Connection

Wireless Internet Service

High Speed Internet

When your business functions rely upon internet connectivity for short and long-distance calling, for instance, the signal strength is of utmost importance to avoid things such as jitters. Since VoIP transmits packets of data from caller’s end to the receiver’s, a high-speed broadband connection is important to ensure that the call quality is exceptional without a loss of packets known as jitters.

As of now, the microwave wireless internet offers both an affordable and a speedy connection that will not cause any outages or call quality issues. In comparison to that, in a fiber optic network, the cables run through underground. Thus, it is more vulnerable to damages being caused due to the works being done in a building or street, through which, the fiber optic loop runs. Microwave fixed wireless connections beat such limitations since it is more direct.

At the same time, it should be noted that the speed of fixed wireless service and fiber optic broadband is more or less the same. It is in the reliability aspect, where the former is better than the latter. Moreover, needless to say, it does not take much time to install the equipment and get a fixed wireless internet service up and running at your place.

21 Apr

A Few Tips on How to Fix the Common Issues with Cox® Services

Wireless Internet Service

Common Service Issues

Cox Communications® is one of the leading wireless internet service providers in the country with millions of TV, internet, and home phone customers. However, several people who have subscribed to the telecom services of Cox® often complain that they are experiencing a number of issues, which prevents them from using the service.

If you are unable to play games or watch your favorite TV shows due to a slow internet connection, then you might feel angry and frustrated. It is true that Cox® service issues can happen anytime but the good news is that you will be easily able to fix most of the issues through simple troubleshooting steps.

Several Cox® customers will be surprised to hear the fact that they will be able to solve most of the common Cox® cable, internet, and home phone issues on their own. However, it is significant to note that if Cox® is experiencing any outages, then you will need to stay calm until the telecom company fixes the issue.

Cox® Internet Problems

Best Wireless Internet Provider

High Speed Internet

If you are unable to stay connected to the Cox® internet connection at your home or office, then the first and foremost thing you should do is to find your Cox® cable modem. If the lights in the modem are either blinking or off, then it means that there is something wrong with your connection. However, most Cox® internet errors can be simply fixed by resetting the wireless router at your home. So, try it and see if the issue is solved or not.

Cox® TV Problems

Several Cox® subscribers often fail to realize the fact that Cox® cable or advanced TV issues are a lot similar to Cox® internet problems. If you are experiencing any sort of issues with your Cox® Mini Box, Contour® Box, or Cox® TV channels, then turn the device on and off before calling customer service representatives. If this does not solve the issue, it is best to get in touch with a Cox® service technician.

Cox® Home Phone Problems

As you would probably know, typical home phone lines are very stable, which means that running into issues with your Cox® home phone connection is less likely. However, if you do experience any issues, then all you need to do is to unplug the Cox® cable internet modem at your home and then plug it after a while. This usually helps users to resolve Cox® home phone issues.

29 Jan

Charter® Runs Fixed Wireless 5G Trials in 6 Cities and Plans Expansions

Fixed Wireless 5G

Fixed Wireless 5G Trials

Charter® makes a claim to become the best wireless internet provider having announced the launch of Fixed Wireless 5G trials in six US cities. The company is trialing the gen-next wireless broadband in Orlando in Florida, Bakersfield in California, Columbus in Ohio, Reno in Nevada, Clarksville in Tennessee, and Grand Rapids in Michigan. Charter® also says that they will upgrade broadband especially in rural communities. Charter® is the second biggest cable provider as of now in the US, and delivers Charter Spectrum® to 25 million customers across 41 states.

Charter® outlines plans to deploy broadband across customers in their footprint besides the trialing locations, and outlines that they are expecting to “rely increasingly on next-generation wireless technologies like 5G, and significantly improve and expand the reach of our wired broadband network.”

“Whether it’s testing 5G technologies, investing in broadband infrastructure or expanding the reach of our wired network, we are committed to doing more to deliver better and faster broadband to more communities – large and small, urban and suburban. Smart, technology-neutral policies, coupled with appropriate streamlining measures, will advance these efforts and we look forward to working with policymakers to get it right,” said Charter’s representatives in a recent statement given to the press.

Wireless Carriers

Next-Gen Wireless Technologies

Charter® also hints at seeking “regulatory parity” in order to avoid competing wireless carriers from gaining benefits over wired cable segment. “It is important that the policies and regulations adopted don’t favor one technology over another. Regulatory parity is also important to maintain and advance competition in the broadband marketplace. Policies or regulations that place more costs and burdens on one side or the other undermine competition, which ultimately harms consumers, innovation and investment,” the officials said.

The announcement of 5G trials in six cities signals Charter’s plans to equip suburbs, rural areas, and main cities with high-speed broadband. Unsurprisingly, the announcement suggest that a solution to close the broadband connectivity gap from Charter® won’t be all wireless technology, but will be inclusive of upgrades to wired infrastructure too.

Access to 5G will be a struggle to citizens suggests the Stamford-based Company, since rural America is replete with plenty of trees with leafage, and hence may encounter certain issues since the population is on the lower side. Most notable of the build outs is Charter’s tests in the 3.5 GHz bandwidth, why may not be easy to implement in rural locations nationwide compared to lower bandwidth broadband.

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