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06 Jun

The Importance of High Upload Speeds

Best Internet Deals In My Area

High Upload Speed

These days, average speeds simply do not hit the spot for most internet users. This drives many to Google “best internet deals in my area” and pick from the ones that offer the highest speeds. However, there is another issue that needs close attention: low upload speeds.

While high download speeds are important for a range of things like browsing feature-rich sites, downloading movies and gaming, ordinate upload speeds are just as essential. Many provider fail to supply the latter, which makes it a lot more difficult to upload files than download them. However, with the spread of cloud-based services, live streaming, video calls, and online gaming, subscribers have been made aware of the fact that symmetric speeds are vital to their internet experience.

With the cloud providing a station for files and apps on a scale we have not seen before, an ever-increasing number of data packets is being sent “up” instead of “down”. However, if the network cannot handle your upload speed requirements, then these operations can congest it pretty quickly. Imagine playing an online game while your roommate is on Skype with someone. This would no doubt reduce your upload speed and lead to lags.

Another scenario is where you are using a connection with 10 Mbps download speed and 2 Mbps upload speed. This may seem OK, but how slow would uploading an HD picture to Instagram be? Sometimes up to a couple of minutes, which is too long.

Symmetrical Speed

Best Internet Deals In My Area

High Speed Internet

This is much needed in offices, and even in homes. People who are on social media a lot of the time, or those that game extensively, are only too painfully aware of the problem that occur when upload speeds drop. Fiber internet guarantees consistently high upload speeds, which is one main reason why companies are rushing in to subscribe.

Even if you consider yourself a layman, the importance of high upload speeds should be obvious. This makes it important to choose wisely when selecting an ISP and internet plan. Know your needs and make sure they will be met. Do not end up paying for something that does not deliver when you most need it to, like cheap cable internet. Thoroughly research your options (Google “best internet deals in my area”) before settling on one, ask around to see how your friends and family have fared with their own ISP choices, and make an informed decision.

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