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13 Apr

Things to Consider When Choosing an ISP for your Business

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Choosing ISP For Business

Internet service is something you cannot live without these days. It is easy enough to get internet; find internet service providers offering in your area, sign up, and start using. It might not be always that simple though, especially if you are a business. Companies, whether they want a new connection or upgrade their existing one, will need to check a variety of things before they make a decision regarding ISP. Below are a few things to consider.

Type of Connection

You get two main types of internet service these days. One is standard service (broadband), while the other is High Availability service. Under the first group, you have options including cable and DSL, with higher speeds to satisfy most customers, and cheaper cost. The downside is that the quality of service is low, and so is its reliability.

In the High Availability class, you get guaranteed uptime of 99.99%, which is assured in the contract. The connections include T1s and fiber optic internet service. However, note that the Service Level Agreement is important with High Availability services especially if you want guaranteed uptime.

Connection Speed

It can be hard figuring out how much speed your business requires, but what needs to be ensured is that there is enough speed for peak times, and for everyday use. Users can get easily frustrated by a slow connection. Additionally, any applications hosted in the cloud would be near unusable. If you use such applications, or if there is constant need of VoIP, you should clearly note the speed requirements before signing a contract.

Timeframe and Availability

Fiber Optic Internet In My Area

High Speed Internet

It would be beneficial to have High Availability Fiber Optic, but not every business has this option. Especially in new construction areas, the availability of even cable and DSL can be limited. Construction and installation can take months, so make sure you prepare accordingly before moving to such a location.


For many companies, it is very important to be constantly connected to the internet. When you cannot afford even a couple of minutes’ worth of downtime, it is better to secure some redundancy. This is a different internet connection, which is used when your main line goes down. Standard internet service has this problem mostly, but it is not unheard of in High Availability fiber internet services.

Still, it is vital to stay aware of the availability. It is better to ask for help from a professional in figuring out if redundancy is required.

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