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19 May

Top 4 Necessary Tools to Test Fiber Optic Loss

Fiber Optic Internet Providers

Fiber Optic Loss

Before spending time for testing fiber optic internet connection on a computer, ensure that modem, router, and connections to it are working fine. If they are, then it is best to test fiber optic cable to know if that has caused optical loss. The pulses of light transmit through optical fibers, and if it is insufficient for a reliable internet connection, it is termed as an optical loss.

Most of the fiber optic internet providers provide affordable broadband, but broken connections are some things that broadband customers come across al lot. It is not that this is specific to only fiber connections, although having the right tools can fix broadband internet outage if it happens on your end.

If you subscribe to connection from one of the best fiber optic internet providers, call for service assistance and confirm that there is no network outage somewhere. If it is not there, and the connection problem is specific to your home broadband, below are a few tools that you can use to self-test fiber optic connections.

Optical Power Meter and Light Sources

Things such as optical power meter and light sources can come in handy if an optical loss is due to damage in the cable line, which may happen even on the lines that come outside the building. While powering up these two tools, make it a point to set the power meter to the light source’s identical wavelength and to place it at the fiber optic cable line’s receiving end. In addition, connect the source meter to its transmitting end.

Fiber Optic Cable Testing Tool

You need such tools to test if an optical loss exists. In other words, it helps to determine the distinction of power that enters the transmitting end of fiber optic cable and the extent of light that exits at the cable’s receiving end.

Fiber Optic Tracers

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High Speed Internet

This tool has an LED source, which connects to an optical fiber connector. After that, you can use a reference test cable to determine the extent of light being transmitted through the fiber cable line. If there is trace of light, then return to its connector to test and find an issue there.

Test Cable

A reference test cable can be used for determining if the optical loss is due to the cable damage or the connectors used to configure the broadband. If you do not know how to use one, it is better to rely on the service personnel from your internet service provider.

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