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09 Jun

Types of Cable Bundles and Benefits of Choosing That

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Over the recent past, bundling or combining cable packages with internet and telephone plans have been a popular trend. This is because choosing a bundled plan from a cable provider or telecommunications company offers several benefits to customers. Firstly, you have to keep track of only a consolidated invoice of the billing cycle, besides having to stick with only one provider. Apart from that, there are many other reasons as well to justify why you might want to choose cable bundles.

Choosing Bundled Packages

If it is a cable provider, triple play may refer to a combined service that includes high speed cable internet, telephone plans, and cable TV. If the bundled package is marketed as ‘double play’, then it may have a provision to couple two of the three plans among voice, video, and data.

If customers choose a bundled plan, a cable operator may offer premium channels or a credit amount, which customers can use to subscribe to select channels in addition to what their existing cable service offers. If it is canvassed as a quadruple play bundle, then cable customers also get to combine the wireless service of the telecommunications company to voice, video, and data.

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Besides offering high speed cable internet, cable service, and telephone plans, a cable bundle may also come with promotional offers endorsed to new customers for a trial period. Note that a customer may be having a cable service at present, but if they opt to bundle internet and other plans to the cable package, they will get the same kind of offering a cable operator endorse to subscribers who switch from other carriers. In fact, one of the main objectives of offering bundled plans is to keep customers from cord cutting or choosing other platforms to access the services.

There are also skinny bundles or ones that combine internet with a small number of channels at a much affordable cost. Such bundled packages offer select cable channels and provision for internet, but unlike traditional triple play bundles, the cost for skinny bundles is cheaper. So, if you need to stream only a few channels or have fewer people watching the generic channels, by choosing a skinny programming bundle you can tailor your needs. This means, residential or business customers should also consider their entertainment habits or requirements when choosing cable bundles.

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