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Exede Internet





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Fastest Speed

25 Mbps

Exede Internet was launched in 2012 through ViaSat. Its a service that covers areas traditional terrestrial internet service providers do not reach.

The Internet service covers most of the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii. Between 2012 and 2015, the FCC has reported that Exede Internet met or surpassed advertised speeds.

Exede also offers voice over IP residential phone service with its Exede Voice service.

Exede Internet Internet Plans and Pricing

$50 per month for 25Mbps

  • Download speed: 25Mbps
  • Contract period:
  • Data Cap: 12 GB - No hard Data Caps.
  • ETF: N/A
  • Installation Fee: No
  • Modem Fee: Modem w/ WiFi: $9.99/mo or $10.00/mo depending on equipment type or Purchase: $299.00

$50 per month for 12Mbps

  • Download speed: 12Mbps
  • Contract period: 3 months
  • Data Cap: After 40 GB Your data prioritize behind during network congestion.
  • ETF: Yes
  • Installation Fee: No - FREE Standard Installation For New Customers At Limited Areas
  • Modem Fee: $9.99/mon. Or $299.99 if prepaid for the life of the equipment

$100 per month for 30Mbps

  • Download speed: 30Mbps
  • Contract period: 3 Months
  • Data Cap: 100 GB Data Cap
  • ETF: N/A
  • Installation Fee: Free Standard Installation
  • Modem Fee: Modem w/ WiFi: $9.99/mo, $199.99 if prepaid for 24 months or Purchase: $299.00


  • Download speed: 15Mbps , Upload speed: 4Mbps
  • Contract period:
  • Data Cap:
  • ETF: N/A
  • Installation Fee: $299.99
  • Modem Fee: $9.99/mon.

$99.99 per month for 12Mbps

  • Download speed: 12Mbps
  • Contract period:
  • Data Cap: 150 GB - Post 150 GB Speed will be upto 1 - 5 Mbps
  • ETF: N/A
  • Installation Fee: Free Standard Installation On Any Exede Package.
  • Modem Fee: Modem w/ WiFi: $9.99/mo, $199.99 if prepaid for 24 months or Purchase: $299.00


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