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Viasat® | Exede® Internet

Viasat® Internet, formerly known as Exede®, is one of the major satellite broadband internet providers operating in the country. This service uses satellites owned by Viasat® such as the ViaSat-1 to beam high-speed internet into your homes or businesses. Exede® relied on Viasat’s satellite networks to power its network services for residences across the nation. Exede® will now run under the Viasat® name and you can be assured that there is no major change in services except that we reorient our offerings to serve you even better.

Viasat® Internet now covers a majority of the United States meaning you can get access to their high-speed internet service no matter which location you live in the country. It is the second largest internet provider in the country and offers its internet services to about 51 states and territories. Nationwide, Viasat® now serves its internet service across 32,787 zip codes, which is something larger compared to most other internet service providers.

Viasat® offers extensive coverage even in rural areas making it the only mode of internet connectivity in those areas. The satellite internet service offered by Viasat® offers consistent speeds in internet even in rural locations where conventional wired internet services are slow. Viasat® uses their network of satellites to facilitate the transfer of data upon your request. The data is relayed back to you without any delays thereby connecting you with high speed uninterrupted internet access.

Fig.1 Major areas served by Viasat®

Choosing Viasat® Internet is a great advantage to your home due to the consistent high-speed internet offered. Viasat® enjoys extended coverage across the country and it is the ideal choice if you live in a rural location. The satellite internet technology ensures that your home remains connected with high-speed internet throughout. It offers 12 Mbps download speeds, which is comparatively a lot faster than many of the normal DSL connections.

If your home lies in any of the select regions where Viasat® offers its services, you can get access to about 25 Mbps download speeds. This high speed will be perfect if you are a heavy user who prefers to stream HD video, music, and enjoy a super fast browsing experience. Viasat® is the best internet service that you need for your home as its consistent fast internet enables you to do both high end and normal use from streaming to general web browsing.

Viasat® Internet

By opting for the high-speed internet service offered by Viasat®, you are guaranteed a three year price lock along with any of the internet package that you select. Upon selecting an internet package, you are offered the service at affordable prices that remains the same for three years. You require only little equipment at your home for accessing Viasat® internet. The skilled technicians of Viasat® will install the satellite TV dish at a convenient place atop your home to receive the signal.

The other critical equipment is the Viasat® Wi-Fi Modem that consists of a built-in router and a Voice adapter that provides you with wireless internet connectivity across your home. Besides, it would take only 2-3 hours for the technicians for installation and have you connected to the internet right away.

Viasat® Internet Packages

Viasat® offers a range of internet packages that differs in their speeds and other offerings. There are regular plans that are available across the entire country that you can easily select. The regular packages are designed to suit the connectivity demands of most households. This allows you to look through the different packages offered and select one that is most appropriate for your home.

Viasat® is also providing unlimited plans that will cater to the demand of users who need more data. Viasat® is currently offering the unlimited plans only in selected areas in the country. You are eligible for opting the unlimited plans if you are located in the select regions specified by Viasat®. The following are the regular packages offered by Viasat®.

$30/mo - 12 mbps

  • Offers 12 mbps downloads speed with a monthly data cap of 12 GB
  • $9.99 per month modem charges or $299.99 single payment
  • Available for 3-month promo rate
  • Unmetered data from 3 am to 6 am
  • Regular rate is $50
  • 2 year contract term
  • Zero installation fees

$50/mo - 12 mbps

  • Consists of 12 mbps download speed along with 25 GB data cap per month
  • $9.99 per month modem charge or $299.99 single payment
  • Available for 3-month promo rate
  • 2 years contract term
  • Unmetered data daily from 3am to 6am
  • Zero installation charges

$75/mo - 12 mbps

  • Offers 12 mbps download speeds and 50 GB monthly data cap
  • $9.99 per month modem charges or $299.99 single payment
  • Free data daily from 3am to 6am
  • 3 month promo rate
  • Regular rate is $100
  • Zero setup charges
  • 2 year contract term

$100/mo - 25 mbps

  • Offers 25 mbps download speed with no data cap
  • $9.99 per month for modem with WiFi or $299.99 one time
  • Data prioritization after 150 GB during network congestion
  • 3 month promo rate
  • Regular rate is $150
  • Zero installation charges
  • 2 year contract term

Viasat® Bundled Packages

Among the variety of internet plans offered to you, Viasat® allows you to bundle the service together. This enables greater savings will proving you access to Viasat’s other services along with internet. The following are the bundled packages offered by Viasat®.

Viasat® Internet + DIRECTV - $39.99/mo

  • Access to over 200 HD channels
  • $10 per month savings for the initial 12 months
  • 24 month service term for Viasat® internet
  • $35 activation fee for DIRECTV choice package offer
  • $7.29/mo regional sports fee for select markets

Viasat® Internet + Voice - $29.99/mo

  • $10 per month savings when bundled with Voice
  • Unlimited local and long distance calling across all the states and Canada
  • Advanced call forwarding feature
  • Allows linking multiple smartphones for managing and voicemail access
  • Does not count among data allowance of Viasat®

Why Choose Viasat®

Viasat® being the second largest satellite internet provider makes it an ideal choice for extending internet connectivity to your home. There are numerous packages catered especially for household requirements that help you choose the right one. You can also bundle the internet service with DIRECTV or Voice to access these services at the best savings.

Viasat® internet is a simple service without having any disadvantages of cable internet and offers you consistent high-speed internet service with only little equipment. Viasat® internet is a reliable choice for your home as its proven satellite internet technology ensures an uninterrupted connectivity experience for your home throughout.


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