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Fiber Optic Internet

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to switch your current internet service provider or planning to install a new internet connection, fiber internet is one the most popular and best options available to you. Most of the fiber optic internet providers in the country offer high-speed internet service to customers that enable them to stream HD videos, watch movies, access social media platforms, browse the web, and play high definition games with zero delays or interruptions.

Another interesting thing you should note is that the governments of United States have been working with the leading fiber optic internet providers in the country to boost the availability of fiber internet service to internet users. It is true that the availability of this type of internet service is a bit limited now but internet service providers have been putting effort to expand fiber internet’s availability to more parts of the country. So, more customers in the country will be able to enjoy access to this internet service by the end of this year or by 2019.

What is Fiber Internet Service

In simple words, fiber internet can be defined as a type of internet connection that incorporates the use of fiber optic lines. You might be already aware of the fact that most of the cable and DSL internet providers in the U.S. use copper lines to transmit electrical signals. However, fiber internet services use delicate and tiny strands of glass or plastic for carrying binary transmission, which is what makes fiber internet services unique when compared to other internet services.

As you would probably know, binary is actually a number system that uses a wide variety of combination of just two numbers (0 and 1). The number 0 corresponds to “off” while the number 1 means “on”. A number of complex instructions or symbols or symbols are transferred through the internet network with the help of this system. The surprising revelation is that the use of this method for data transmission makes fiber internet a reliable and fast internet service.

How Fast is Fiber Internet

The speed of an internet service will depend on how much data the infrastructure is capable of handling. The copper wires used by cable and DSL internet providers were initially intended for the sole purpose of transmitting voice. This in turn implies that the amount of data a cable and DSL network can handle is relatively less when compared to fiber internet.

Likewise, the internet speed offered by most of the leading satellite internet service providers is also less than that of fiber optic internet providers. This is mainly because satellite signals have to travel massive distances. This means that if you are a heavy internet user, then fiber internet is undoubtedly the ideal choice for you.

Recent studies conducted by experts in the field of telecommunications identified that the average speed offered by a DSL internet service to customers is around 768 Kbps – 1.5 Mbps while the maximum internet speed lies in between 3–7 Mbps.

On the other hand, the average speed of cable and satellite internet is estimated to be around 4–6 Mbps and 5–10 Mbps. You should also note that cable internet service does offer maximum internet speed of 100 Mbps in some parts of the county but satellite internet providers are only capable of offering a maximum speed of 25 Mbps.

The average speed offered by fiber optic internet providers to their customers is between 50–100 Mbps and the maximum internet speed fiber internet customers will be able to enjoy is about 1 Gbps. If you take a close look at the above stats, you will be easily able to identify that fiber internet service is far more superior to other internet services in terms of speed.

What Makes Fiber Internet the Best Internet Service

Several customers often fail to pay attention to the fact that internet speed is not the only factor that makes Fiber internet a better choice than other types of internet services. Below are some of the major advantages of Fiber internet service over DSL and cable internet service.

  • Fiber-optic lines are ideal for transmitting data over long distances
  • Radio or electrical interferences will not affect fiber optic lines
  • Less prone to wear and tear
  • Highly reliable
  • Available at an affordable price

So, customers who are in search of an efficient, reliable, and high-speed internet service that enables them to upload and download information at a rapid pace should look for a fiber internet service provider instead of looking for other alternatives.

Why Fiber Internet

It is true that most web users do not need the lighting fast internet speed offered by fiber optic internet providers to enjoy several features of the internet. So, if you are a user who doesn’t stream HD movies and play multiplayer online games, you would be happy with a DSL or cable internet connection.

However, before you make a decision, you should also consider the fact that the internet requirements of users have significantly increased over the last few years. In fact, several users have been switching their internet provider in hopes of accessing the internet at better speeds. So, if fiber internet service is available in your area, it will be best to subscribe to a reliable fiber optic internet service provider because it will certainly come handy in the future.


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