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Frontier Communications Corporation® is a major telecommunication provider in the country offering a range of services such as internet, TV and phone. Formerly known as Citizens Utilities Company and Citizens Communications Company, Frontier® has now emerged as a leading provider of telecommunications along with other major providers in the country. It has extensive coverage across many of the major metropolitan cities in the country along with several of the rural areas and communities. Comparing its service areas, Frontier® is the fourth largest provider of DSL internet in the country.

Its DSL internet services serves an estimated of 30 million of the population of the country with coverage across 38 states. Alongside DSL, Frontier® also offers both fiber and copper internet service to the customers. Considering the coverage area, Frontier® stands as the fourth largest provider of fiber internet with the service available to about 10 million of the people. It is the also the second largest provider of copper broadband internet, considering its coverage area and is available to about 6 million of the population.

You can choose between two types of internet service offered by Frontier® known as the Frontier® High Speed Internet and the Frontier® Fios. Frontier® High Speed Internet uses DSL technology to deliver fast internet to your homes. It is the most available form of internet service offered by Frontier® with widespread coverage across both cities and rural areas of the country. The DSL internet offered by Frontier® has the crucial advantage of reliability making it perfect for your homes.

Its 24 Mbps speeds enabling you to stream movies, connect multiple devices and browse the internet with ease. Frontier® Fios on the other hand uses fiber optic cables to deliver internet connectivity to your home. It is available in limited area only as Frontier® is furthering its expansion to other crucial regions. One of the crucial features of Fios is that it offers ultra fast internet speeds about 500 Mbps in selected regions.

Moreover, there is equal upload and download speeds that is definitely a great advantage particularly if you wish to carry out both more downloading and uploading. There is also another internet service offered by Frontier® that you can checkout known as Frontier® Vantage. It is the fastest service offered by Frontier with speed about 1 Gbps that will suit you if you are a heavy user.

Fig. 1 States with the highest DSL internet coverage

Fig. 2 States with the highest Fiber internet coverage

Frontier® Internet Packages

You may have certain preferences regarding speed, added features, and cost while selecting an internet package. This is what makes Frontier® different from most other providers as it has got you covered with an extensive set of internet packages. There are several packages differing in their speed, costs and additional features that let you choose the right one for your home.

The internet speeds offered by Frontier® are specifically tailored for the household. This enables you to select the proper one depending on your preference such as high quality video streaming or general web browsing. Depending on the region, you can also choose among the Frontier® High Speed DSL service or the Frontier® Fios fiber internet for your home.

Internet Only Plans

Simply Broadband Core - $20/month

  • Offers high speed internet with speeds of 6 Mbps
  • 1 Mbps upload speed
  • Suited for browsing, email and online shopping
  • Wi-Fi router free for 2 years
  • 2 year agreement

Simply Internet Ultra - $25/month

  • High speed internet with 12 Mbps speeds
  • 1.5 Mbps upload speed
  • 2 year price lock along with the package
  • Ideal for streaming movies and online gaming
  • Suitable for 2-4 users

Simply Internet Elite - $35/month

  • Offers super fast internet with speeds of 25 Mbps
  • 3 Mbps upload speed
  • Includes a 2 year price lock with the package
  • Perfect for use in multiple devices

Frontier® Bundled Packages

If you need more savings in your deal along with the provision of additional services, then look no further than the numerous bundled packages offered by Frontier®. Bundling the internet with other services such as TV or phone will enable a greater savings on your monthly bill, which is absent when each of these services is billed separately. Besides, bundling internet gives you greater convenience as it offers a unified billing along with the TV and phone service.

Internet Core + Digital Voice Service Unlimited

  • High speed internet with 6 Mbps speeds
  • Perfect for general web browsing, email and online shopping
  • Includes Unlimited Local and Nationwide calling
  • Available phone features like call waiting and voicemail

Internet Ultra + Digital Voice Service Unlimited - $50/month

  • Ultra fast 12 Mbps internet speeds
  • Suitable for streaming movies and online gaming
  • Includes Unlimited Local and Nationwide calling
  • Call features like call waiting and voicemail

High-Speed Internet Enhanced + America’s Top 200 + Frontier® Regional Essentials

  • High speed internet with speed ranging from 3 to 25 Mbps
  • Available 240 plus channels with 90 plus HD channels
  • Unlimited local calling

One of the great benefits that you can gain by opting for an internet package offered by Frontier® is that has an assortment of plans that will serve your needs. You can choose plans that offer sufficient internet speeds just to cover your basic connectivity needs such as web browsing. Alternatively, you can opt for other packages that come with higher speeds if you wish to do more online streaming of movies or playing games etc.

The availability of several bundled packages is another top advantage that you can obtain by subscribing to Frontier® internet. The bundles come with Frontier® Secure security suite that enables greater protection for your data and devices. A one-year price lock is guaranteed across any of the internet packages you opt in Frontier®. Besides, you can be rest assured that the reliable 24/7 support will cover any issues in your connection for providing an uninterrupted connectivity experience across your home.


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