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97.6% People in Ohio have access to wireline service.
8.8% People in Ohio have access to 100mbps+ broadband download speeds.
99.3% People in Ohio have access to 10mbps+ broadband download speeds.
3.1% People in Ohio have access to 25mbps+ broadband upload speeds.
12.9% People in Ohio have access to 10mbps+ broadband upload speeds.
10.2% People in Ohio have access to fiber internet.
92.5% People in Ohio have access to cable internet.
93.3% People in Ohio have access to DSL internet.
99.6% People in Ohio have access to mobile broadband.
42.3% People in Ohio have access to more than three wired providers where they live.

As the world's first electrically lighted city, Cleveland, Ohio has other distinctive hallmarks such as being the 16th most connected states in the country. The internet penetration across the state is higher with an average of 92 percent customers. However, 11 percent of the populations remain underserved of this connectivity. Approximately 92.3 percent among the Ohioans are using wired connections offering speeds of 25 Mbps.

Meanwhile, the state boasts a 100 percent connectivity of mobile broadband services, which is a remarkable achievement. Fiber optic is the service that has the least coverage with only 10.8 percent across the state. High-speed one-gigabit broadband is also lagging in the state with only 9.5 percent of Ohioans accessing it. Meanwhile wireline, DSL and fixed wireless services enjoy more than 40 percent of coverage in the state.

One million customers in the state do not have a switching option as they have a single provider. With about 246 internet providers operating in Ohio, the state is experiencing growth in wired connections that increased from 92 to 95.7 percent of the population. This increased connectivity is a result of programs notably Connect Ohio that was allowed $7,025,762 federal grants for its broadband connect initiative.

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Some numbers

  • There are about 1,385,000 people in Ohio without access to an internet connection capable of 25mbps download speeds.
  • About 253,000 People in Ohio have no access to wired internet providers where they live.
  • There is around 7,000 people in Ohio without access to wired or wireless Internet service where they live.

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