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Satellite Internet Service

Customers who are living in most of the urban parts of the country can call themselves lucky because they are able to subscribe to fiber-optic, cable, or DSL internet services. However, the story is a bit different when it comes to rural areas of the country. You might be a little surprised to hear that a number of customers in these regions are unable to enjoy access to a high-speed internet connection.

Fortunately, satellite internet service is available in most of the rural parts of the country. This means that customers in these regions who have subscribed to a satellite internet service provider will be able to access social media platforms, stream video contents, play high-definition games, and browse the web without any sort of delays or interruptions.

How Satellite Internet Service Works

The most important piece of equipment used by satellite internet service providers to deliver internet to customers is the satellite itself. The satellite, which is used by satellite internet providers, is usually parked in a geostationary orbit, which is located nearly 23,000 miles above the equator of the earth.

The dish, which sits on the home or office of internet users receive signals from the satellite. The received signals are then transmitted to the router, which in turn feed the signals into your computer, smartphones, and tablets. The signals from the dish are usually transferred to a Wi-Fi station with the help of an Ethernet cable.

Why Satellite Internet

The lack of ground-based or terrestrial internet services is one of the major reasons why customers choose satellite internet service. In some cases, satellite internet service providers may construct a connection to the home of customers in order to establish the internet connection.

However, if the location where the subscriber wants the internet service is far away from the closest point in the network of the provider, then they may refuse to do so. This is because internet providers will have to lay new cable lines to bring internet service to a farther point, which can be quite expensive and impractical.

Installing satellite internet connection is actually a simple straightforward process and professionals from your internet service provider will help you to do so. They will initially mount the satellite dish on top of your home and then align it with the satellite, which is played in the orbit. Finally, they will connect the dish to a router and check the connections to ensure that you will be able to stay connected to the internet.

Dial-Up vs. Satellite internet

It is true that customers in rural parts of the country will be also able to subscribe to a dial-up internet service. However, if both dial-up and satellite internet service is available in your area, it is best to settle for the latter. This is because the internet speed offered by a slow internet service is far greater than that of dial-up internet service.

In addition to that, you should also note that playing online games and streaming video contents on a dial-up internet service would be very slow. On the other hand, you will not encounter any kind of interruptions when you are using a satellite internet service for the above-mentioned heavy internet uses.

For instance, most of the leading satellite internet service providers in the country offer a monthly data allowance of 20 GB or more to their customers. This will enable satellite internet customers to stream 30 hours of standard definition video through a streaming service or they could enjoy watching high definition video contents for approximately seven hours.

Most of the satellite internet providers in the United States offer a wide array of plans to customers. So, you will be easily able to find the right internet plan for your needs without much effort. However, it is crucial to note that the price of these plans will vary based on location and it may also be a little bit expensive than dial-up. Still, customers who wish to play online games and watch HD videos should subscribe to a satellite internet service.


As you would probably know, satellite internet services heavily rely on transmissions between the earth and the satellite, which is orbiting the planet. So, if there happens to be any obstruction in the pathway between the satellite and your dish, then it may disrupt the transmission of signals.

The disruption in the transmission of signals will result in a slow connection. Apart from that, you might be also able to identify that your internet connection is being lost at frequent intervals. Obstructions may include storm, rain, trees, snow, and even buildings. However, most of these issues get resolved at a rapid pace, which means that you don’t need to bother about them.

Now, you will probably have a clear knowledge of how satellite internet services works, which means that you will be able to decide whether it is the ideal choice for you or not. If you are living in a rural part of the country where the availability of ground-based internet services is rare, then satellite internet service is the way to go.


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