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Verizon® Fios Internet

The internet service of Verizon® Fios is one of the best options available to customers who are in search of a reliable and high speed internet service that doesn’t cost them a fortune. The lightning fast internet speeds offered by the leading internet service provider enables customers to stream plenty of HD video contents, watch movies, and play high-definition games without any kind of disruptions.

Verizon® Fios is unmatched can be rated far ahead of other leading internet service providers in the country when it comes to internet speed. In fact, the maximum download speed offered by Verizon® in some parts of the country is around 50 Mbps, which is pretty exceptional. However, you will need to keep in mind the fact that such a lightning speed internet service can be quite expensive. However, you can still take pride in the fact that you are able to enjoy greater internet speeds, which remains a dream to other internet users in the United States.

One of the best things about Verizon® is that customers who are subscribing to any one of their internet only plan will not have to sign contracts with the company. This means that you will need not to have to sign any contract that requires you to pay an early termination fee if you are switching your internet service to another provider. So, in short, customers who are dissatisfied with the internet service of are free to leave without the burden of paying an early termination fee.

However, customers who are subscribing to the internet service will need to pay a small installation fee. The provider often waives off the $100 installation fee that is popularly known as “setup charge” among Verizon® users. So, if you are lucky, then you might be even able to save the installation fee too. In addition to that, you should also note that the rental fee for the router is $10 a month and it is not avoidable unless you have your compatible router. If you wish to avoid the monthly router charge, then you can purchase the equipment for just $149.

Verizon® currently offers their internet service in approximately 50 states in the United States of America. The customers of Verizon® who are living in New York, Texas, and California receive the maximum coverage. Moreover, the mobile broadband internet service from the internet provider is also available to about 305 million American citizens, which in turn makes Verizon®, the second largest mobile broadband service provider in the country in terms of coverage area. Customers who are living in the red shaded parts of the country will be able to subscribe to the internet service of Verizon®.

Regions with Highest Verizon® Internet Coverage

Verizon Fios® internet coverage in the United States

Internet Plans

The internet plans of Verizon® are pretty much straight forward and they are very easy to understand. One of the major drawbacks of Verizon® is that they offer only a limited number of plans to their customers. However, the good news is that the maximum internet speeds available in most of their plans are exceptional. The internet only plans of Verizon® are as follows:

100/100 Mbps Internet

  • Maximum download and upload speed is 100 Mbps
  • Can connect 4-7 devices at the same
  • Download a 2 hour HD movie within 7 minutes

150/150 Mbps Internet

  • Customers will be able to enjoy download and upload speed up to 150 Mbps
  • Ideal plan for connecting 8 devices simultaneously
  • Can download a HD video or movie with 2-hour duration in under 5 minutes

300/300 Mbps Internet

  • Can connect more than 8 devices to the internet
  • Download and upload speed is up to 300 Mbps
  • An HD 2-hour video can be downloaded with 3 minutes

500/500 Mbps Internet

  • Download a 2-hour HD movie or video in less than 1.5 minutes
  • Can connect unlimited number of devices to the network
  • Maximum download and upload speed is estimated to be 500 Mbps

Double Plays

Customers can also bundle the TV and internet service of Verizon®, which is a good option because it will help them to save plenty of their valuable dollars.

50/50 Mbps Internet & Local TV

  • Ideal plan for connecting up to 3 devices
  • A 2-hour HD movie can be downloaded in just 13.7 minutes
  • Get access to popular channels including one premium channel

50/50 Mbps Internet & Custom TV

  • Connect 3 devices to the internet network at the same time
  • Download a 2-hour HD movie in less than 14 minutes
  • The luxury to choose a TV package that suits your needs

50/50 Mbps Internet & Preferred TV

  • Can connect up to 3 devices simultaneously
  • It takes less than 14 minutes to download a 2-hour HD movie
  • More than 280 popular channels are included

50/50 Mbps Internet & Ultimate TV

  • connect 3 devices at the same time
  • Download a 2-hour HD video or movie within 14 minutes
  • Enjoy access to over 440 channels and it includes premium channels

Triple Plays

If you wish to save more money, then you should consider bundling the TV, internet, and home phone service of Verizon®. Three of the most popular bundled packages of Verizon® are as follows.

150/150 Mbps Internet, Custom TV, and Home Phone

  • A 2-hour HD movie can be downloaded in less than 5 minutes
  • Pick a TV package that suits your lifestyle
  • Free Netflix subscription for an year
  • Unlimited nationwide calling

150/150 Mbps Internet, Preferred TV, and Home Phone

  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • Netflix subscription is free for 1 year
  • Download a 2-hour HD movie or video within 5 minutes
  • Get access to more than 280 popular channels

150/150 Mbps Internet, Preferred TV, and Home Phone

  • Free Netflix subscription for a year
  • Unlimited nationwide calling
  • Choose a TV package that meets all your entertainment requirements
  • It takes less than 2.5 minutes to download a 2-hour HD video or movie

The streamlined plan options, customer friendly service, and the luxury of not signing long-term contracts make Verizon® one of the best options available to customers who are in search of reliable TV, internet, and home phone service.


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