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You can choose from many different options available for providing internet connectivity to your home or office. A search through different internet providers near your area would bring out the various services offered and plans that suits residences and businesses. There is wired internet in the form of cable broadband and DSL that connects your home or office to the internet using coaxial and telephone cables. Most providers also offer wireless internet service that you can consider because of its wider availability and other advantages.

You will find wireless internet to be more convenient for your home especially if you are based in rural areas. Most of the internet service providers in the country have extended their wireless offerings to almost all the regions. This means you can access internet anywhere while stationary or mobile, which is one its biggest advantage. In cities too, wireless internet is clearly gaining the upper hand over wired services due to the convenience and speeds offered. With all the providers extending their wireless internet service, it is the best choice for ensuring connectivity to your home.

What is Wireless Internet?

A wireless internet service uses radio waves to provide internet access to the customers. It gets rid of cablings such as copper, telephone line or fiber to provide homes and offices with internet connectivity. This provides added convenience as it allows you to access internet on any of digital devices like laptops, smartphones or tablets. A Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) delivers the internet service using radio waves or satellite waves at a specific location.

Wireless internet is susceptible to changes in the environment and thus varies in its speed. They do not have the consistency and speed of connections offered by cable internet. However, newer technologies of wireless internet services like EVDO and WiMAX are pushing the limits and offering internet at much higher speeds and coverage than was possible before. The other options available in wireless internet that you can use are wireless LANs and Wi-Fi hotspots.

Types of Wireless Internet

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet is the most common type of wireless internet that has been available across the country for more than a decade. It uses communications satellites for transferring internet signals from the internet providers into the homes of the subscribers. Initially, satellite internet only offered a one-way connection, but advancements in technology had led to faster two-way connectivity. Satellite internet has the advantage of wider coverage and works in all regions using simple equipment such as a small dish antenna and satellite modem.

Fixed Wireless

Fixed wireless offers high-speed internet connectivity via radio waves beamed at your homes. It is the best option for your region if it does not contain cabling such as telephone lines, DSL or fiber optic cables. With a fixed wireless connection, you can access high-speed internet up to speeds of 30 Mbps.

Mobile Broadband

Cellular networks are the other form of wireless internet service that offers broadband internet connectivity to users on their smartphones or laptops. Earlier cellular data services were relatively low speed with frequent dropouts in connection. Nowadays, newer wireless technologies like EVDO, 3G, and LTE promises greater speeds than offered by a wired connection.


Wi-Fi is another form of wireless internet that delivers internet connectivity to devices by means of wireless technology. It is mostly used in public spaces for providing the users there with internet connection on the go. Known as Wi-Fi hotspots, these places allow users to connect to the internet using their smartphones or laptops and mostly provide free access.

Advantages of Wireless Internet

You can get many advantages by switching over to a wireless internet connection in your home. The advantages of wireless internet far outweigh than those offered by a wired internet service. Some of the key advantages that you can get by using a wireless internet connection are:


Mobility is one of the crucial advantages of opting a wireless internet connection. A wired connection can limit your usage in many ways as it creates restrictions for mobility because of the cables. You need to unplug the cables and reconnect it to another location for getting some amount of mobility. On the other hand, a wireless internet allows you to connect to the internet using our smartphone or laptop at any region in your home or office.

Supports Multiple Devices

A wireless internet can accommodate multiple devices for providing simultaneous accessing of the internet. This means you can allow every member of your family to connect to the network using their own devices. It is compatible with most digital devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops, which is especially useful in office environments.


Scalability is another notable feature of a wireless internet connection. With a wireless internet connection, it is easy to accommodate the growth of a business without needing additional equipment like cable internet. It is easy to increase the capacity and reach of a wireless network within a home or office than a wired connection.

Why Choose Wireless Internet?

With a wireless internet service, you are getting more than what is offered by other conventional networking options. Wireless internet technologies are currently undergoing rapid growth and advancement across the world. Most of the internet service providers operating in the country are focusing more on improving their wireless infrastructure and many are abandoning wired connections in favor of wireless networks. Wireless internet now offers faster internet speeds than wired internet with the added convenience of wider coverage and ease of access.

By opting for a wireless internet connection, you can extend the connectivity across the home that allows you to access the internet anywhere inside. It takes away the clutter formed by cables and uses only simple equipment for obtaining the connection. With more services gearing up for offering wireless services, it is recommended that you prefer a wireless internet service for getting the best deals in data speeds and packages. Moreover, wireless internet ensures that you remain connected to any device whether on the go or stationary.


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